We would like to welcome you on board

The quality of services we are providing to our customers are relying on our most important asset: Our employees.

Human Resource Management (HRM) at Peter Döhle does not only mean to fulfil the latest company needs. We want to employ and develop motivated and skilled staff, which will increase the performance of our company. We are trying to support our whole staff during their complete professional life. To ensure that every employee has the chance to develop his or her full potential, HRM of Peter Döhle is offering various development measures, such as in-house training programs or leadership development.

Additionally, we provide our employees with further benefits, like a sport and wellness area as well as a cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. But first of all, we can offer our employees a great place to work in a family owned company where our employees are seen as personalities and not as jobholders only.

If you would like to be part of this company, whether as member of our seafaring crew or in our office staff, please apply for one of our available positions on the following sites.

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employees ashore

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What we believe

„During the last ten years, more than 50 youngsters successfully finished their apprenticeship at our company in professions like ship brokers or insurance brokers, but also office clerks, IT professionals and cooks. Furthermore, we are also eager to offer internships and student support positions for talents with an academic background, wherever possible.

Therefore, we have always a pool of keen and well educated talents to be developed into different positions within the group of companies. There are many colleagues in Döhle Group, holding now a managerial position, who started as an apprentice, student support or intern.“

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